Swinton Park            Birds Of Prey
Sophie Abbott

Our Release Cages

Please take a look at the below cages and choose the one you wish for the doves to be in on your wedding day.  


Release Cage 1 : This is our favourite and most commonly used release cage, we have pair of these cages and usually place one dove in each, which looks stunning for your wedding photographs. They are made from wire and are pale cream in colour. The matching set look fantastic at either side of the entrance to your ceremony / reception venue. 



Release Cage 2: Another lovely cage this time wooden and large enough to fit twos dove in the cage together.We place this cage on a covered table   



Release Basket 1: We have a new white wicker heart shaped basket on the way, that can hold up to 4 doves.  

Release Basket 2: We also have a range of wicker baskets in a range of sizes that can hold anywhere from one to 15 doves inside