Swinton Park            Birds Of Prey
Sophie Abbott

How it all Works 

Our doves are actually trained white homing pigeons and when released from your venue will return back to us at thier home at Swinton.



Our doves are very special to us, they live completly free range in our grounds and can fly around as they wish, they also have special dove cotes in which they sleep, breed, feed and eat.

We breed all our own doves, here is a photo of some of this years babies (yes, we know they start off ugly!)







We train the doves slowly by firstly taking them on small journeys, a mile or two from the home for example and release them along with some of our more experienced doves so they can follow them to make it is easier to find their way home. We put rings on each of our birds and they all have thier own number so we know if they have returned to us. Once we know they are returning over short distances we can increase the journey length, we slowly build this up until they will return to us from up to 100 miles away. 

No one is really sure how homing pigeons have the ability to travel such astonishing distances many researchers now believe that the homing ability is based on a ''map and compass'' model and that they are possibly using the earths magnestic field to aid them on thier return.

The pigeon can fly at an average speed if 50mph but have been recorded as quick as 110mph!