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Sophie Abbott

 Dove Release for Funerals and Memorial Services

The doves can also be released at funeral and memorial services to symbolise the releasing of the spirit, traditionally three doves are used to commemorate the father, the son and the holy spirit. For more information on our doves and what happens to them after the release please take a look at our How it Works page.


Funeral / Memorial Package 1 Dove:

Featuring the release of one dove which we will place in a basket next to the graveside to be released by any member of the family when the time comes, this symbolises the release of the soul / spirit.

Guide Price: £60 not including travelling


Funeral / Memorial Package 3 Doves: 

Featuring everything in Package for one dove, however three doves will be in the basket to symbolise the father, the son and the holy ghost

Guide Price: £80 not including travelling


 Release of doves in memorial of Leeds Pals


For bookings and any more information on our releases please contact us on our Request Details page or call Mandy or Sophie on 01765689425