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Dove Release for Weddings 

White doves are a beautiful addition to any wedding ceremony or marriage blessing. The doves signify a life together of love fidelity and peace. Tradition holds that if a pair of white doves are seen on your wedding day that the marriage will be blessed. 

As doves mate for life and share the commitment of rearing their young they make the perfect symbolism of the unity of marriage. 

The doves can either be released by hand from the bride and groom or from a decorative cage or basket as desired.There will always be an experienced handler present.

One to twenty doves can be released at once. 

Guests staying at Swinton Park are offered a reduced price but we can travel to your wedding anywhere in the North East and North Yorkshire.

We will alway try to cater to your needs as much as possible including theming the ribbons on the dove cages to match your wedding theme (free of charge), please let us know if you have any special requirements.

Please contact 01765689425 for dove release bookings / your personal quote.


Please see below for our different packages

 Discount is offered if booking a dove release as well as any of our other wedding packages including Hawk and Owl Ring Bearing and Flying displays and Handling 


Photo with thanks to Lissa Alexxandra Photography 


Basic Release Package:

 For two doves to be released from either a basket, or decorative cage . We can also hand the doves over to the bride and groom for release by hand if required. The cages can be decorated in the ribbon colours of your choice to fit in with your wedding design.

Guide Price: £80 not including traveling


Entertain your Guests Package:

 Includes all of the above and also includes the doves being present outside your ceremony / reception venue before the service, on your the guests arrival

Guide Price: £90 not including traveling


Rememberance Package :

Includes everything in the basic release package and also featuring the release of one extra dove  in memory of anyone special who can not be at the wedding, this extra dove can be released by the bride and groom as well or any member of the congregation.

Guide Price £100 not including traveling


Deluxe Wedding Package:

We also do a wedding package which includes 2 doves in a decorative cage and an additional 3 doves in a basket which are often released by bridesmaids, family or bride and groom

Guide Price £150 not including traveling







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